Monday, 20 October 2014

The Little Mermaid, lovely, sweet Ariel ... WTF? A Lovely and Sweet Mermaid ... there is No such creature and I will tell you Why!

This Children Story is so sickly sweet that it almost makes me gag on my seafood platter.

I know, dear readers, that you ALL may think that it is a Charming Bedtime story to read to your children when putting them to bed at night ... but come on ... get REAL!

It was even further sugar-coated when Disney Studios got their hands on this quaint Faerie Tale (Who here remembers the Movie "Splash") and turned it into a mindless pile of Hookum! Enchanting Entertainment for young impressionable disconcerting minds it may be, but where are the actual facts? The TRUTH?

Mermaids are the Sirens of the sea and have been mentioned  in Ancient Myths and Folklore through out History. They were the bane of Fishmen and Seaman and blamed  for causing Sailors and there ilk for throwing themselves over-board by their enchanting looks and song and instrumental in ships floundering on Rocks and having their hauls torn asunder by jagged reefs.

The sweet, melodious, enchanting and enticing Sirens' song has been said to drive men crazy and lure many a Seafarer to their Doom.

Do not take my word alone dear reader. If you find yourself questioning my revelation and wish to know the TRUTH, I strongly suggest that YOU Google both "Mermaids" and "Sirens" and I deduce that you too will come to the same conclusions as I.

The Little Mermaid; Ariel is a complete over- the-top and unbelievable fabrication and fantasy and nothing more than a HUGE stretch of the Imangination and that even Faeries would be embarrassed to lean their names to this kind of "Faerie" Tale. How could anyone even contemplate filling their children's heads with such dribble.

In TRUTH, the Real Ariel, the Mermaid is a Blood-lusting creature of the Deep who exiles at luring poor seafarers to their death.

PS: Dear Readers, I am NOT here to re-write Faerie Tales (NOT Yet, anyway) ... rather to review.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


So You Dear Readers, THINK that those watered down, prissy, sissy, mushy and sweet Faerie Tales that you read to your Children when putting them to Bed at Night are True?

 Well, my darling Readers, TRUTH be told; the actual TRUTH behind those "Innocent" little Faerie Tales would curl your hair and sizzle your bugaboos.

Joseph S. Campbell once stated:  "Behind Every Myth there is a grain of Truth" and the facts behind those seemingly sweet and innocent Bedtime stories reveal completely more NASTY and Adult scenarios.

Cinderella, Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood and Alice (of Wonderland and the Looking Glass) etc. Were NOT prissy, sissy, little Princesses ... No! No! No! Not at All. Far from it.

For instance NONE of them were actually little girls. They were either, pre-teens or teenagers or young women and these young women had NEEDS, WANTS and DESIRES.

Would it shock you to know for instance, that our darling sweet Cinderella was NOT that much of a Darling at All?

There has been so many movies made which have attempted to break  this illusion but did any of you take heed? No! You continue to dig out those Mother Goose stories and pump it into the heads of your own children.

There is NO Happy Ever After ... Boys and Girls and your Faerie Goth Mother; The Contessa Gothika is here to reveal the TRUTH and to set the stories Straight!

Come Little Children ...

Come Out and Play

Your Wicked Faerie Goth Mother

Is Coming Your Way

I Will Tell You Some Tales

Which May Cause You Dismay

The TRUTH About Stories

That You Heard Yesterday

The Old Faerie Tales

Have Gone Very Astray

So Harken to Me

For The TRUTH I Relay